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Getting Into Debt

Getting Into Debt: Understanding and defining secured and unsecured loans: Secured Loan: a loan that is backed by something of value that you own. If

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Get Out of Debt

Get Out of Debt: Ask yourself: What are my financial goals? Your answer should be: “To enjoy the freedom of carrying a debt load that

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Debt Help

Debt Help Debt is what you owe and any debt is too much if it makes you feel uncomfortable… If you are facing financial difficulties,

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Reverse Mortgages

Reverse Mortgages A reverse mortgage is a home loan for individuals or couples 55+ years or older. You borrow from the value of your home

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Retirement Plans

Retirement Plans Times have changed over the past few decades and now our life expectancy is late 70s on average. This statement should make us

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Living on Cash

Living on Cash Every time a new client is told that they have to surrender their plastic when they file a debt consolidation proposal or

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