Quit Gambling For Your Health and Happiness

Gambling with Your MoneyQuit Gambling for your Health and Happiness

It’s time to quit gambling for your health and happiness. The Internet has opened up countless new ways to lose your money and the incidence of problem gambling has risen dramatically. Gambling is a very lonely condition and provides you with no genuine pleasure. Gamblers often experience a life of anxiety, fear, panic and mental and physical anguish. The delusion that gambling is pleasurable is a delusion—salvation does not lie in gambling—it is causing the misery. Research states that the divorce rate among problem gamblers is twice the rate and suicide rate is twenty times higher. If we continue to gamble, our chemical levels in the brain have been reset and we no longer derive pleasure from normal everyday experiences-it gives the illusion of a high.

Stop believing that gambling is some sort of reward you deserve for all your hard work. It is a misguided belief that it gives you genuine pleasure. Recognize the trap for what it is and do something else with your money. Remember, addiction causes us to seek relief from stress in the very thing that’s causing us stress—vicious circle. No gambler is in control and they never show a sign of happiness or having a good time. You will enjoy your life so much more as a non-gambler. In sum, there are a multitude of reasons why you should quit gambling but here are an important few: more self-respect, able to enjoy genuine pleasures again, greater ability to cope with stress, more confidence and more money.bankruptcy

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