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Understanding your Credit Report

What is a credit report? It is a summary of your credit history, compiled by Equifax or TransUnion, based on information submitted by lenders and other companies such as banks and telecommunication companies. Remember that credit reports can include your mortgage, credit cards and loans and your mobile phone account. What is a credit score? […]

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The Importance of Choices

It is possible to live the good life. Not because you make more money than everyone else but because you handle your money properly over the years. In other words, choose to make better decisions about your money. The good news here is that making sound financial decisions does not need to be difficult. One […]

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Old Debts

Old Debts You just got a letter/phone call about an old debt that you owe. The first consideration is to determine if you owe the money.   If you do not owe the debt, simply tell the collection company that you do not owe the money. Ask them to send you copies of any documentation that […]

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South Asian Weekender Newpaper

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