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Covid-19 and Flexibility for Taxpayers

The government of Canada is taking action in order to provide assistance and flexibility to Canadians facing hardship due to the Covid-19 virus. Not only will the government provide options and flexibility for individual tax filing but also support for businesses. For individuals, the government will defer the filing due date for those expecting a […]

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Covid-19: Economic Support in Ontario

Chances are you have not only been personally affected by the Covid-19 virus but your finances and business finances have also been disrupted. Our government has responded with economic support. They set in motion $52 billion worth of financial aid. The government plans to start the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) $2,000 per month for […]

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Old Debts

Old Debts You just got a letter/phone call about an old debt that you owe. The first consideration is to determine if you owe the money.   If you do not owe the debt, simply tell the collection company that you do not owe the money. Ask them to send you copies of any documentation that […]

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South Asian Weekender Newpaper

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