Bankruptcy Discharge

Debt Crisis: Are you Overwhelmed?

Debt Crisis: Are you Overwhelmed? The average Canadian owes more than $1.60 for every $1.00 of after-tax take home income. No wonder, we are all feeling stressed. A major cause of this is the high cost of living in major cities like Toronto or Vancouver in relation to other parts of Canada. If you are […]

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Surplus Income and Bankruptcy Discharge

Surplus Income and Bankruptcy Discharge When you file an Assignment in Bankruptcy, you are allowed to keep sufficient of your income to allow you to live a normal life. The trouble is that the definition of a “normal life” is based on a cross-Canada average that is calculated annually by the Office of Superintendent in Bankruptcy. […]

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Bankruptcy and God

God put us on the earth for a limited amount of time. Why then does he make us sleep for about 8 hours each day? We could be producing something of value for 24 hours each day. The answer of the sages is profound. We have all heard the phrase “I am having a bad […]

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Can I buy a car while I am Bankrupt?


Can I Buy a Car While I am Bankrupt? There is nothing that prevents you from buying a car while you are bankrupt. If you are financing the purchase of a car, you must disclose that you are an undischarged bankrupt. This is the period between the date you filed the assignment in bankruptcy and the date […]

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