Words to Live By… I Can’t Afford It!

PaymentWords to Live By… I Can’t Afford It!

Understandably, it can feel embarrassing sometimes to tell acquaintances, friends and family that you just can’t afford it but once you say it a few times, you may find yourself feeling honest, financially responsible and relieved.

Most people have experienced the feeling of impulsive “quicksand spending” others may call it “shopping therapy” but all in all there is nothing therapeutic about it. Perhaps it could be compared to fast food binging: a momentary feeling of “satisfaction” followed by days of gut rot and oily skin.

Your body can not afford the effort it takes to digest unhealthy food and you can not afford the impulsive purchase to please other people or falsely please yourself. Start to tell people in your life that you can no longer afford so many dinners/lunches out or that extra weekend away or that golf membership or the spa day. You will be surprised how many people understand and you will ultimately feel relieved to be able to prioritize your spending according to your financial goals.

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