Where does the consumer debtor find a bankruptcy lawyer? A trustee?

Where does the consumer debtor find a bankruptcy lawyer? A trustee?Where does the consumer debtor find a bankruptcy lawyer? A trustee?

Bankruptcy lawyers are generally prohibited from advertising their specialty in the yellow pages or any other form of public newspaper or magazine. Nonetheless, they may place their name as a lawyer in the yellow pages, telephone directory and in good taste in the newspaper. The Law Society of Upper Canada recognizes specialists in different areas of law, including bankruptcy and insolvency. In addition, the Canadian Bar Association, both provincially and nationally, has a bankruptcy and insolvency section. Members of the Association may be able to direct the consumer debtor to a member of the section.

If the consumer debtor does not know a bankruptcy practitioner, the consumer debtor can be referred to one by a friend, but the consumer debtor is best to see a general practitioner and have him or her refer the consumer debtor to the bankruptcy specialist. The bankruptcy specialist can give the consumer debtor answers to most, if not all, of the consumer debtor’s questions.

A bankruptcy lawyer, or a general practitioner, can also give the consumer debtor a selection of names of trustees. While a licensed trustee can administer a consumer bankruptcy, sub-specialties have developed within the profession. Most general practitioners, lawyers and accountants, will probably not know the distinction. However, bankruptcy specialists within the area will know that some practice in the area of consumer bankruptcies while others service only corporate debtors, and yet still others give management or receivership advice. Obviously, the consumer debtor should pick the appropriate trustee for his or her own needs.

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