We Want Your Debt & Financial Freedom Stories!

We Want Your Debt & Financial Freedom Stories!

Retired couple discussing their financial budget at home
Retired couple discussing financial freedom!

To submit a story go to www.rumanek.com/contact/submit-a-story/

Do you have a story that can help others with their finances? Did your financial decisions lead you to financial freedom? Join us in helping thousands of others attain the financial freedom they have always dreamed of. For over a decade now, Rumanek & Company Ltd. have received positive emails, letters and inspiring stories from people who said: Good Bye to Debt! and started living their financially abundant lives. Rumanek & Company Ltd. have now decided to share these positive financial stories in a 3 Volume Series: Financial Freedom-it Forward.

But they need your help!

This is a call for the opportunity to share your story, help and inspire others. This is your opportunity to share your positive financial stories. How did you get out of debt? What worked for you? What story can you share with others to help them make the right financial choices and steps towards freedom? Are you an RRSP expert? Did you make the right financial choices?

Email us your stories for the chance to be involved in this amazing process to help others attain financial freedom. Your story may be chosen for this 3 Volume Series and you will get the opportunity to: Financial Freedom-it Forward!

We will be accepting inspiring financial freedom stories for the next 3 months so share your story with us and don’t miss the opportunity to help others feel great about their finances. To submit a story go to www.rumanek.com/contact/submit-a-story/

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Rumanek & Company Ltd. – Trustees in Bankruptcy & Administrators of Proposals

To learn more please visit our YouTube channel. Rumanek & Company have been helping individuals and families overcome debt for more than 25 years.

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