Ways to Save Money

Ways to Save MoneySave Money

When buying something expensive, sleep on the purchase. Is the item really needed? Can you do with a non-name brand or even a used item? Spend some time looking for sales.

Consider setting up a vegetable garden, especially if you have children. If you do not own your own house, there are a growing number of garden plots in inner-city areas which are can be assigned or rented out to families. A lot of food can be grown on a very small garden. You will be teaching your children a valuable lesson on commitment as the garden must be tended and protected. Plus, the results are right there on your table or in the kids’ lunchboxes – how wonderful to be able to say that their food is a direct result of their own hard work.

Speak to your employer about setting up a payroll savings deduction. Many companies have a Canada Savings Bond plan. Some will even make a contribution with you, usually with the condition that you keep the bond and not just cash it each year. It does not have to be a lot – $10 per week for 50 weeks is a $500 bond. Do this for your working life time and you will have a very tidy sum to supplement your RRSP in your retirement.

Manage your money. Do not let your money manage you.

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