Can I travel overseas while I’m bankrupt?

Can I travel overseas while I'm still bankrupt?Can I travel overseas while I am bankrupt?

Overseas travel is allowed during this period, whether it is for leisure or for work.  However, you need to provide your trustee with information.  The trustee should be supplied in writing with:

  • Dates of departure and return
  • Details of any overseas contacts information. Please make sure the trustee has your Email address and please check it every few days while you are away
  • Particulars about who will fund the travel costs

The trustees main concern here would be, “where did the money come from?”  If you are able to show that the money was gifted to you or you reasonably saved it after going bankrupt, there should be no problem to travel. Once you are discharged from your bankruptcy, you will be able to travel overseas without notifying your Trustee.

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