Bankruptcy Story #413: Threatened with Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Story #413: Threatened with BankruptcyBankruptcy Story #413: Threatened with Bankruptcy

Kara was threatened with bankruptcy and it scared her to act. She was very vulnerable after her husband passed away. She had two children to take care of and if her home was taken away they would have no place to go. She attempted to solve her problems by taking out money from her retirement funds. Kara felt desperate. This action helped for six months but she then was forced to start taking cash advances on her credit card.

These actions, even though she had good intentions, were mistakes. If you feel threatened or desperate you need to contact a trustee in bankruptcy. Sometimes having a discussion of options will empower you more than you realize. Do not allow yourself to get overrun by your creditors. Talk to a professional and get the help you need.

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