Spend Less Than You Make

Spend Less Than You MakeDebt

Start today! You have to save and live within your means. This means a little discipline and common sense. We all know this is much more difficult than we imagine. Think about how status has come to be rewarded: we have perceived wealth and we tend to have a preoccupation with possessions.  You can walk into a department store and think to yourself: I deserve it! Yes, you deserve to have the life you want but this comment: ”I deserve it” needs to be about your future.

Step 1: Take away the ability to give in to temptation and you will start spending less. Don’t go to your favourite stores without a plan, don’t grocery shop hungry, decide that you truly don’t need anything because you probably don’t and probably won’t for a long time. Finally, don’t compare your spending and needs to anyone else’s spending and needs.


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