Should I Go Bankrupt?

Should I Go Bankrupt?

If you can’t pay your debts, first try talking to your creditors (a person, institution or business  to whom you owe money). Approach them with a plan, know how much you can afford and be realistic.

1. Can you come to an agreement?

If yes, make arrangements to repay your debt

If no, consider a formal insolvency process such as Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal

2. Do you have a surplus of income once all of your household expenses are paid or own any valuable assets? (anything you own which would have a market value of more than $1,000 after any amount owed against the item has been repaid)

These answers will help you and your trustee discuss your options

Contact Rumanek & Company Ltd. for more information on bankruptcy and debt solutions. Or please fill out the free bankruptcy evaluation form. To learn more please visit our YouTube Channel. Rumanek & Company have been helping individuals and families overcome debt for more than 25 years.  

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