Scams and How They Work

Scams and How They Work

Scams and How They Work

Some member of the family, be it brother, sister, son, daughter or grandchild phones or visits you with a tale of how they are desperate for money. The cause of their problem changes from person to person but it has a common theme of being a disaster.

– I was in an accident and need to pay the lawyer or I will go to jail.

– I lost my job or the company I work for went bankrupt and I have no money for food, rent or mortgage.

– I am on vacation and am being held captive for ransom. If you do not send money I will be killed.

The reasons change – but the circumstances are always a desperate situation. It is possible that there might be some truth to the story, but in most cases you are just being scammed for the money. You must be strong when you reply that you wish to see some kind of proof or documents for you to look at before you will consider helping. Remember it is your money and you have the right and obligation to safeguard your money. It is ok to say no. At this point the caller will usually say they love you and they hope that you love them also. Wow. Now you know they are handing you a story. If they really loved you – would they be asking for your money?

Stand firm – it’s your money – do not give it away unless you have verified that the problem is real. Also do not give money away that you do not have. Some people take cash advances on their credit cards at 24% interest to help a son or daughter, other friend or relative.

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