Save Money on Food

shopping_cartSave Money on Food

When it comes to monthly expenses—you always need to calculate a weekly food budget. There are several ways to decrease the amount of money you spend on food and it takes a bit of planning. First, always prepare your own food, anything in a package is prepared for you and you pay for the expense of that preparation. Don’t know how to cook or where to start? Watch online cooking shows on YouTube to teach you how to prepare simple meals and save money. Second, don’t let perishables go bad—never throw out food. You can accomplish this by using left over food to create meals such as soups, stir fry’s, omelettes and burritos. Third, you can use coupons to receive discounts and also look through advertisements for weekly deals—this way, you can plan meals and try and only buy sale items. Finally, it is easier than you think to plant a small garden. Even if you do not have garden space or a yard, you can plant vegetables in pots on your balcony or front porch. This option gives you fresh vegetables and you can freeze them for use in winter months. However, make sure you budget and justify the costs of tools, soil, pots and seeds you will need. If the cost will be too high or a garden is too difficult to manage, then an alternate option is to purchase fresh produce at farmer’s markets in your local area. You can find farmer’s markets in your area or if you are fortunate enough to live in an area where farmers sell their produce—great!

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