What are my responsibilities after I file for bankruptcy?

What are my responsibilities after I file for bankruptcy?Bankruptcy

You have filed for bankruptcy and your creditors have stopped calling. However, you are still responsible to make sure you complete several requirements:

1. You need to be honest and accurate with your trustee regarding your finances. You need to list all assets such as property or a vehicle and you need to list all liabilities (what you owe and who you owe it to). This step also includes disclosing information regarding property you have owned in the past few years-property you have sold or transferred.

2. You need to give all credit cards to your trustee.

3. You need to attend 2 financial counselling sessions and the first meeting of creditors (if you are required to attend). The 2 counselling sessions provide you with information about bankruptcy, managing your finances in the future and budgeting and trying to improve your financial situation in the future.

4. Advise the trustee of an address change

5. There is a chance you may be asked to attend a meeting at the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy. If this is required, you will be asked questions about your bankruptcy such as your conduct and the causes of your bankruptcy.

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