Personal Finance: New Year’s Resolutions

Personal Finance: New Year’s Resolutions

It is a smart and responsible idea to include personal finance in your New Year’s Resolutions this year. There are several ways you can improve your financial year if you follow these suggestions then perhaps your goals can lead to a small reward for yourself year-end.

1. Manage your spending. Buying items at 50% off is still spending money. Eliminate wasteful spending, cut back and have a system to call a friend if you want to purchase something over $100.00.

2. Grow your income. If you have $10 or $100 to save just start investing your savings and/or add extra dollars to your superannuation. Visit a financial planner once a year or once every two years—research or ask friends if they know a great financial planner. If you have someone teaching you the language and steps you need to take to secure your future, you are spending your time wisely.

3. Set financial goals. Not only is it important to set long and short-term goals and rewards it is also equally important to talk about them with friends and family. Discuss these goals with your financial advisor and ask for suggestions.

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