Personal Finance: School, Home & Community

Personal Finance: School, Home & CommunityFinance

There has been much discussion lately about the lack of personal finance training and education in schools for our youth. This discussion is not necessarily about our high school and College and University students but training for our youth as young as grade 4 math. There are teacher’s that have the opportunity and know-how to help children learn about choosing a career, taking home an annual salary, renting an apartment and owning a home. However, there is a need to push for this type of training in the curriculum in all of our schools. Money management needs to be the important life skill we begin to talk about at home and at school.

Sadly, many adults these days learn about financial responsibility the hard way and lose precious time and money in the long run. Money should no longer be a taboo subject because increased anxiety and stress are linked to improper money management. Start by making money management fun at home, talking about reasonable budgets, financial goals and future rewards. The nutshell point here is that children have the potential to learn about being financially responsible in a fun, interesting way and they deserve it!

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