Personal Bankruptcy & Future Access to OSAP

Personal Bankruptcy & Future Access to OSAPPersonal Bankruptcy & Future Access to OSAP in Ontario

This discusses the impact of declaring personal bankruptcy in Ontario and future access to Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) funding.
Please keep in mind that every case is different.

If you have filed for personal bankruptcy in Ontario and have applied for OSAP, your current status will be restricted due to the bankruptcy. The assessment for all students uses specific information.  OSAP completes a credit check of each applicant. Personal bankruptcy information remains in your file at the Credit Bureau for six (6) years from the date of discharge. This means that OSAP funding will be blocked for a minimum period of seven years. However, a credit appeal can be submitted to the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities (MTCU).

You must report your OSAP debt when filing for personal bankruptcy in Ontario as they are a creditor.

OSAP is a Creditor: If the student is enrolled full-time in a post-secondary program, additional full-time student loan assistance may be available for up to a maximum 3 additional years (on MTCU review) to allow the student to complete the current program. Students are not eligible to switch programs they are enrolled in at the time of the bankruptcy. Further eligibility is restored if the student pays their OSAP debt in full.

In addition, Supporting Documentation is required to submit a request to MTCU in (2) different situations:

1) You are discharged from bankruptcy in Ontario at the time of appeal:  a letter confirming that you are enrolled in the same program.

2) You are NOT yet discharged from bankruptcy at time of appeal: a letter confirming the program is the same program AND a letter from your Trustee in Bankruptcy indicating that none of the money given to the student will be used to pay off creditors.

OSAP is not a creditor: This means that students have paid off all OSAP loans and have filed for personal bankruptcy in Ontario. As stated above, OSAP completes a credit check of each OSAP applicant. You may have to appeal through Credit Check Appeal Process and explain that your past circumstances were beyond your control and provide reasons why you believe you will succeed and be able to pay back your OSAP at the end of your study period.

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