How much property am I allowed to keep?

How much property am I allowed to keep?bankruptcy_mortgage

The property exempt from seizure in Ontario is set by the provinces and territories individually. In Ontario, the following assets are exempt and cannot be seized by a trustee:

1.      Household Furniture valued to a maximum of $11,300.00
2.      Personal Possessions (clothing etc.) to a maximum value of $5,650.00
3.      Tools of Trade to a maximum value of $11,300.00
4.      A car or truck to a maximum value of $5,650.00
5.      Certain life insurance policies and pensions
6.      Farmers tools and supplies, in certain situations, to a maximum of $28,300.00

Note that if you are self-employed in a business which requires use of your car or truck (e.g. to transport materials, passengers, or packages), your vehicle could be considered as a Tool of Trade, which increases its exemption from $5,650.00 to $11,300.00.

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