Maximize Retirement Investing

old_debtMaximize Retirement Investing

It is important to remember that retirement should mean security and leads to choices. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have several choices and options in retirement? For instance, the choice to work or not to work would be wonderful for those people who love their career and the freedom to stop working for those of us that want to golf, volunteer, spend time with grandchildren or travel. Therefore it is a necessity to make an appointment with a financial advisor and start filling out the paperwork for your mutual fund today. The amount of investment has been debated but most financial advisors suggest between 10-20% of your before tax gross-income but this also depends on how old you are when you start investing.

Growth-stock mutual funds are the best place to start when leaving your money for longer than 5 years and the best place to start researching for your future.

Research investing in 4 types of funds:

1. Growth and Income Funds (Large cap/BlueChip) 25%

2. Growth funds (Mid Cap/Equity Funds) 25%

3. International Funds 25%

4.  Aggressive Growth Funds (Small Cap) 25%

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