Lower Your Debt: 3 Credit Card Suggestions

Lower Your Debt: 3 Credit Card Suggestions bankruptcy

1. Call your credit card company and switch to the credit card with the lowest interest rate. Ask the person to send you a list of credit cards they offer and a description of each card including interest rates, fees, annual fees and perks.

2. Every month when you receive your credit card bill, pay double the minimum payment and pay on time. If you are only able to pay the minimum, keep in mind that you may only be paying the interest and over time you may be spending double the amount on items purchased. Paying on time is very important and effects your credit rating so be mindful of that and use online banking or a banking app to make this process as simple as possible

3. Several times during the year, credit card companies send brochures and/or special offers in the mail or via email to offer clients a balance transfer and an interest rate of 0% for 6 months. This can be beneficial if you carry several balances but you need to make sure you can make more than the suggested monthly payment because 6 months goes by very fast and then before you know it you are paying 17-19% on your original balance.

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