Keeping up with…? DON’T DO IT!

Keeping up with…? DON’T DO IT!171

You do not need to spend more money than you make to gain respect and approval from others and there are truly no expectations that are important enough to put yourself in debt or financial ruin. Please do not attempt to “keep up” financially with anyone or any family or friend. Keep up with your own financial goals and reap the benefits and rewards of others asking you for financial advice in the long run.

The problem for many is that aching need for approval and admiration, so we pretend that our personal finances don’t exist or we don’t have financial problems because it becomes too stressful to discuss. It is true that most of us have a weakness when it comes to spending and a secret desire to impress others and gain more respect. Start now with the mind-set that you do not need stuff to make you happy and start a path of humility. You know that path you have been on has brought you to where you are today with your finances.

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