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Happy New Year!! What an amazing idea to make a decision or joint decision this January to spend close to nothing—preferably nothing. This time of year is difficult financially for almost everybody and it will be easier than you think to stop spending altogether—for the time being. Get your family and friends involved! Make your priority spending only groceries and cut that grocery list. You have many items in your cupboard, freezer and fridge to plan ahead every week and spend the bare minimum. Make a meal plan every week, freeze soup, casseroles and vegetable dishes. Try and organize potlucks with other people or another family. When considering entertainment, get dressed warm and get outside, go skating, sliding, hiking —there are dozens of free, fun outdoor activities. If the cold outdoors is not your thing, research free indoor events or invite people over to your home. Use up your gift cards, if needed, this month and make sure you return all items you do not need or want—it’s amazing how much money we get back when we remember to return items we do not need. You have 31 days in January to make the most of each day and challenge yourself to not spend money. The less you spend, the more you save for bills and hopefully savings for the rest of the year. Practice positive money spending habits now and you will feel empowered to make this year your best financial year to date. Good Luck! Spend Less! Feel Great!!

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