Identity Theft

Identity Theft

Identity Theft

How could it start?

A person phones claiming to be from your bank and tells you that an employee of your bank is under investigation and asks that you help him in the investigation. He or she will ask you to verify your bank account. They might also ask you to verify your legal name, date of birth, social insurance number. Etc.

As soon as you give this person the information that they request they will thank you and say they will phone you if they need any more help.

They will never phone you. What they will do is use the information you gave them to clean out your bank account.

There is no bank in Canada that will phone you to request this kind of information over the phone. If you ever get this phone call, be polite, and say that you have to look up the information and ask for their name and phone number so you can phone them back – then phone the police fraud squad. This is identity theft and it is illegal.

Please – be careful – not everyone is honest.

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