Gambling with Your Money

Gambling and DebtGambling with Your Money

Gambling is gambling. Whether you play bingo, online poker, buy scratch cards or just put in $2 every week to the office pool. Gambling becomes a problem when the money that you are losing damages your work, home, family or personal life. Make no mistake about the fact that casinos, charity bingos, the government lottery and online gambling sites are in business to make a profit and you are the source of the cash for that profit.

Yes, they all play in “lip service” to stop the extreme problem gambler from committing suicide, but that is only because it is bad for business. I wonder how much is spent on advertising gambling versus how much is spent on rehabilitation for the problem gambler.

At the end of the day, most people will make a bet or gamble at least once each year. Years ago, it was the charity bingo in a church basement. Today, the growth is focused on online gambling. The younger generation can gamble on their computer, tablet or smart phone at their work during the day and at home during the night. Isn’t technology great? You can gamble, get depressed when you lose and have insomnia while you try to win back your losses. And all of this from the privacy of your home.

In Ontario, the advertising slogan is: “Know your limit, Play within it.” This is good advice. Gambling can be fun. There is a thrill when you win. Just be very careful.


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