Financial Rock Bottom

Financial Rock BottomStress and Debts Trustee In Bankruptcy Administrators of Proposals

Are your finances out of control?  Are you afraid to open your mail or answer the door.  Are all your telephone calls coming from “1-800” with no name attached?  Is your credit rating so low that it cannot get any worse?  Are your financial problems keeping you up at night and making you physically sick?  And when you are awake, do you fight with your partner about money!

If this describes you, take action to stop the insanity and rebuild your credit so that you can get on with the rest of your life.  The professionals at Rumanek &  Company Ltd can negotiate a settlement w ith your creditors by reducing the total amount of your debt, stopping the interest being charged to you and consolidating the settlement amount with all of your unsecured creditors into one small monthly payment.  The process is called a Consumer Proposal and once it is negotiated with your creditors, the Administrator of your proposal will obtain court approval so that it is binding on all of your unsecured creditors.

There is a light at the end of the dark tunnel.  Be brave and take the first step to a happy life.

Contact Rumanek & Company Ltd. for more information on bankruptcy and debt solutions. Or please fill out the free bankruptcy evaluation form. To learn more please visit our YouTube Channel. Rumanek & Company have been helping individuals and families overcome debt for more than 25 years.  

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