File your Tax Return! Part 2

File your Tax Return! Part 2

File your Tax Return! Part 2

Fight the Fear…File your Tax Return! Part 2

Please refer to: “Fight the Fear…File your Tax Return! Part 1” of this tax series to help you get started with your tax return. The lines and numbers on the return may be confusing and frustrating. Please refer to this link for a step-by-step instruction for different lines on the return.

The Income Tax and Benefit Return (T1 General 2012)

Sections of the Return:

Page 1: Identification information

Page 2: Income page…Total Income  (Lines 101-150)

Page 3: Net Income (Lines 206-236) & Taxable Income (Lines 244-260)

Page 4: Refund or Balance owing (Lines 420-486), Direct Deposit Option (Lines 460-491), Ontario Opportunities Fund(Donation Section) (Lines 465-466)

(If you owe money, attach a cheque or money order to: Receiver General)

Where do I send my Income Tax and Benefit Return?

Canada Revenue Agency
Tax Centre
1050 Notre Dame Avenue
Sudbury ON
P3A 5C2

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