File your tax return! (Online)

File your tax return! (Online)tax

Fight the Fear…File your Income Tax and Benefit Return Online!

As mentioned in our two previous blogs on Income tax and Benefit Return, filing your taxes is a great start to organizing and understanding your financial life. Once you have filed your income tax and benefit return, you can begin to set financial goals, budget more easily and most importantly know where you stand financially. Your income tax and benefit return can be filed online at This is a step-by-step electronic tax-filing option that is safe and secure. Like anything new, it will be challenging at first but that is why you set aside time to work on your taxes. Because you are filing online you can save your work and return the following day to finish. You do not have to file electronically all in one day. To file online you need to follow the steps to filing which include:

  •  Organize all forms/records (get a plastic portable file folder to store all tax papers and receipts and label the file 2013)
  •  Download certified tax software (
  • Research your options, write down questions or concerns then use a help line or CRA website to find answers
  • Get started and refer to the links below if you have any questions about particular lines in your tax return
  • Call an e-Services Help desk line 1-800-714-7257 if you need extra help and answers
  • Send your Income Tax and Benefit Return to CRA & Save your confirmation number you receive

Income Tax and Benefit Return Helpful Links (Click on the links below for extra help)

Guide (General Income Tax and Benefit Return Manual)

Total Income Lines

Deductions Lines (Net income & Taxable Income)

Refund or Balance owing Lines

Federal Tax and Credits

Net Federal Tax (Schedule 1)

Federal Worksheet

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