Do I Have to Tell My Spouse About My Bankruptcy?

old_debtDo I Have to Tell My Spouse About My Bankruptcy?

Now this is an unusual question. The technical answer is: you do not have to tell him or her anything. When you sign the papers to file an Assignment in Bankruptcy, you will be asked to sign a document under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) which specifies that your trustee will only deal with those people that they are required to do so in order to perform their duty as your trustee. This normally includes only your creditors, Canada Revenue Agency, Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy, the court and any collection agencies or lawyers who have been hired by your creditors. If you wish to authorize your trustee to speak to any other party such as your wife/husband, children, employer, brother, sister, etc., you will be asked to do so in writing.

The trustee will not ordinarily disclose your bankruptcy to your employer. The exception is if one of your creditors tries to garnishee your wages. Your trustee can stop the garnishee, but, if the papers have already been sent to your employer, then your trustee will have to send your employer a letter to stop the garnishee.

With respect to your husband or wife, the issue can get more complicated. If they are a creditor, they must be notified for that reason. The usual problem is that your trustee will periodically be sending you documents, notices, etc. and you will have to make sure that your wife or husband does not open your mail. You should be aware that the envelope has only a return address with no name on it. If this is an issue, please speak to your trustee at the initial meeting and we will try to resolve it by way of Email, fax or an outside mail box service.

It is, of course, better to be honest and upfront with your partner about the financial problems and the fact that you have chosen bankruptcy as the solution to your problems.

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