Dealing With an Audit

Dealing With an AuditScreen-shot-2012-01-28-at-11.20.47-PM-150x150

Everyone probably agrees that being audited is a real-life nightmare because you are being questioned and feel like you are being accused of something. An audit does not need to be as scary as you can imagine and most audits are conducted via mail. Audits can also be about someone making a mistake and you end up getting back more money. In sum, do not worry until you know all the information. However, often, audits are about owing money but again that amount does not need to be scary.

It may be helpful to hire a financial advisor to reduce stress and get all the information you need unless the amount you owe is less than the amount you would pay for help. First, organize, label and folder all forms and receipts and show up on the correct day at the correct time. Second, treat the auditor with respect and only discuss the parts of the audit and state your case, once. Do not argue. If you feel the need, you can take your argument above the auditor at a later time. Finally, do as much research as you can about your case in order to feel calm and confident.

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