Credit Cards & Students

Credit Cards & StudentsCredit Cards & Students

Credit Cards & StudentsUniversity students will often receive unsolicited and/or pre-approved applications for credit cards. Perhaps financial institutions specifically target students to apply for credit cards? It is a tempting offer for someone on a tight budget who needs the extra cash for books, pub night or a pizza delivery. The cards usually have a low limit of about $1000.00 so it is not a “big deal.”

However, banks are not targeting students to be “nice”. They want to be the one of the few credit cards that you have in your wallet because after you graduate, and start your career, the card limit can be increased. In the meantime, financial institutions rely on students only making small or minimum monthly payments on balances. Not only do students usually only pay minimum payments, they also don’t usually think about the extra interest they are paying on top of the original balance. In other words, financial institutions make more money from minimum payments each month. Be cautious, look at the interest rate and look beyond the advertised low introductory rate.

We live in a “plastic society.” There is nothing wrong with having a credit card for emergencies and for large cash purchases. Just make sure that you stay financially responsible, pay off your monthly balance every month and use credit wisely. Be financially responsible now and you will reap the financial rewards in the future.

Stay Financially Savvy

Credit Cards & Students

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