Credit Card Problems

Credit Card ProblemsMarie had incurred $40, 000 dollars in debt from 3 credit cards. She had spent the money on an overseas trip, furniture for her home and some medical bills when her partner had been ill. Coupled with the $130 per week she paid on her car, Marie was unable to meet the minimum repayments on her credit cards and had started to fall behind with her repayments. All of a sudden the calls from friendly sales staff at her bank were replaced by calls from rude and intimidating debt collectors and she soon became too scared to answer her phone. The harassment did not stop and she was eventually sent a summons to appear in court.

After Marie contacted us regarding her credit card problems, we quickly intervened on her behalf. We contacted her creditors to let them know she intended to consolidate her debts with a consumer proposal and avoid bankruptcy. We dealt with each of Marie’s creditors to ensure she would no longer have to deal with them and we negotiated an arrangement under which Marie paid $120 per week (with no interest) and was completely debt free within 4 years.  The repayments were affordable, the harassment from creditors stopped and she managed to avoid going bankrupt.

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