Cost-Saving Apps: Use Technology to Save you Money

Cost-Saving Apps: Use Technology to Save you Moneyandroid2

Here are 5 Apps to help you save money, track spending and make payments…use technology and start saving money:

1. Mint: tracks your spending, provides you with the ability to categorize and provides helpful reminders:

2.Receipts OR Shoeboxed: these two apps are similar and both great for entrepreneurs, self-employed or simply those who want to organize receipts for tax or spending/saving purposes. This app organizes and saves receipts for you in categories.

3. Your bank’s app: it is crucial to have your own bank’s app to allow you to check balances, manage spending and saving, transfer funds and most importantly pay bills.

4. Debt Minder: This app simply helps you create payment plans for your debts.

5. Bar-code scanner apps: These apps allow you to scan a barcode and compare prices online or at nearest retail locations. Here are three popular bar-code scanner apps: Red Laser, ShopSavvy, Barcode Scanner

Bonus app: Checkout 51: this app allows you to search coupon items such as grocery store and drugstore discount items, go to any store to buy these items, take a picture of the coupon item receipt after purchase and the company sends you the savings after you spend $20.00 on coupon items. This app is cost-effective and useful if you only buy what you usually buy in a grocery or drugstore.

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