Considering Bankruptcy?

171Considering Bankruptcy?

Negotiate with your creditors: With the help of a financial or budget advisor you may be able to reach some kind of arrangement, compromise or proposal with your creditors. For example, this arrangement might allow you to repay part of your debt. Show your creditors that you have taken some steps to relieve yourself of your debt. Making contact with a support organization will show creditors that you are taking steps to get your finances under control.

Sell your assets: Selling your assets (possessions) may result in enough money to pay your creditors or significantly reduce your debt levels. Then you may come to some agreement with your creditors and avoid applying for an insolvency procedure.

A Creditors’ Pool or Debt Management Plan: If all your creditors agree, you may be able to combine all your debts into what is called a Creditors’ Pool or Debt Management Plan. You then repay regular amounts into this pool, from which your creditors receive payments. You may be able to negotiate this with the help oaf a non-profit organization, or you may choose to seek assistance from a trustee in bankruptcy or debt management advisor.

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