Collection Agency Problems

Collection Agencies ProblemsCollection Agency Problems

  1. A collection agency in Ontario is generally a company hired by a creditor, such as a bank or a dentist, to obtain payment for a debt owed to them.
  2. Collection agencies are required to contact you first by regular mail and then wait six days before they can contact you by phone or in person.
  3. According to the Collection Agencies Act (Ontario), collectors are only permitted to contact you (either speaking to you, leaving a message, or emailing) 3 times in a seven day period. If you don’t answer the phone, and they don’t leave a message, they can call you as often as they like, on Sundays between 1 pm and 5 pm, and on other days between 9 am and 7 pm.
  4. Sometimes, the collector has purchased the debt outright, and is acting on its own behalf. If this is the case, the provincial legislation does not apply to them (at least in Ontario).
  5. The best way to deal with a collection agency in Ontario is to make arrangements to pay what you owe, in full or in part.
  6. If you are unable to make arrangements to pay, it is time to contact a non-profit credit counselling agency or a Trustee in Bankruptcy for help.

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