Christmas Shopping & Financial Planning

Happy Holidays from Rumanek & Company Ltd. Trustee In Bankruptcy Administrators of ProposalsChristmas Shopping & Financial Planning

Christmas shopping has already begun and what a perfect time to plan ahead financially, survive the holidays and start the New Year off right. A Christmas budget is the first step to a stress free January. First, make a list and determine what gifts you need to buy and how much you want to spend on each gift—make sure you consider the extra amount for taxes. Second, before you shop, visit a dollar store. You will be surprised what you can get before the holidays begin, for less. This includes cards, wrapping paper, Christmas decorations, baking needs, candles etc. Third, save all receipts in an envelope to remind yourself of what you are spending. Finally, give yourself time to shop around, compare prices and think about whether or not you truly need to be buying all items.

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