Bankruptcy Discharge For The First Time

Bankruptcy_Trustee_shakinghands-150x150Bankruptcy Discharge For The First Time

For a definition of discharge, please refer to our blog:  Bankruptcy – What is a Discharge.

If you are filing an Assignment in Bankruptcy for the first time, there is a period of time that is allowed for the trustee to complete their administration of your bankruptcy.  The earliest time that you can be discharged from your bankruptcy is 9 months from the date that you originally filed the bankruptcy.  Surplus income (if it applies) will extend your discharge date from 9 months to 21 months.  Other problems may result in your trustee, a creditor or the Office of the Superintendent in Bankruptcy opposing your automatic discharge date to a future undetermined date.  This future date is determined by your trustee only after all of the original problems are resolved.  When your trustee requests you to supply information or answer questions that may arise during the administration of your bankruptcy, “failure to cooperate” with the trustee is the most common reason why your trustee will oppose your automatic discharge.

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