Top 5 Bankruptcy & Consumer Proposal Questions

Top 5 Bankruptcy/Consumer Proposal Q&A's

Top 5 Bankruptcy and Consumer Proposal Questions and Answers

Bankruptcy Consumer Proposal

1. What does Bankruptcy cost? This varies and it is important to do your research. There is a fee you will pay your trustee and filing for bankruptcy will cost you particular financial freedoms. This is in addition to the fact that you need to declare all of your creditors, assets, income etc.

2. Will I lose my house? Not necessarily.

3. Do I have options other than Bankruptcy? Yes, you have the option to file a consumer proposal.

4. Will my bankruptcy affect my spouse? In most cases, a personal bankruptcy does not affect your spouse from a financial standpoint. However, you have to make adjustments in your life and this will affect your spouse.

5. Will I lose everything? No, you will not lose everything. But, you will make financial changes that may involve selling assets you have.

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