Am I Liable for Girlfriends Debts While We Are Together?

Are you in financial shape?I’m living with my girlfriend! Am I liable for a girlfriends debts while we’re together?

No.  You are not liable for her debts while you are together.  The reverse is also true – she is not liable for your debts incurred while you are together.  As well as neither of you is liable for each of your debts that either of you owed before you started living together.

Of course, if the two of you obtained credit jointly (i.e. – you both signed the loan or credit application) that you would make you both liable for the debt because it was loaned to the both of you.  Similarly, if either of you asked the other to sign any papers or documents with respect to an old debt – be careful- read what was signed – you might have guaranteed the debt and become liable if your partner defaults on it.  Also, be careful of giving your partner a supplemental credit card – the supplemental cardholder will be liable for anything they charged and, depending on the wording of the cardholder agreement, the supplemental cardholder may have made themselves liable for the entire debt on that credit card.

Please! Read everything before you sign anything.  Ask questions and understand the answers before becoming liable for another person’s  debts.

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