10 Ways to Create and Live on a Budget

living-on-a-budget10 Ways to Create and Live on a Budget

1. Start with a daily strategy and track what you spend and where you spend it in order to budget

2.  Determine your monthly income—how much do you clear?

3. Determine how many bills you have—how much you are required to pay monthly. Usually this number is around 15 monthly bills.

4. Determine your day-to-day needs for the month—usually you will have a list of 15

5. Determine how much fun money/savings and “build a dream” money you need every month.

6. When do you get income? Monthly? Bi-weekly?

7. How much can you spend and when can you spend it?

8. Pay bills on time or before the due date

9. Put any small amount of money into savings/vacation fund-even if this amount is $5.00 a week

10. Track your daily needs and spending in a small book and then reduce these needs monthly

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