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How Can I Avoid Collection Calls?

How can I avoid Collection Calls Many Canadians are very uncomfortable receiving a collection call from a bill collector. In some instances it can be a major headache for an Ontario resident to get a collection call at the workplace. There are three basic strategies for avoiding collection calls: Reduce the likelihood that a bill […]

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Creditors Must Vote to Accept

Creditors Must Vote to Accept If you have filed a proposal, you should have been told by your trustee that the creditors must vote to accept your offer. The creditors can vote “yes” or “no” or ask for an adjournment of the vote while they consider their position or ask you to supply them with […]

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Bankruptcy and Student Loans in Canada

Bankruptcy and Student Loans in Canada. We have written many articles over the years about student loans. We recently found the enclosed article which details the history of student loans and bankruptcy in Canada. It is reproduced in its entirety:  The History of Bankruptcy and Student Loans in Canada  Treatment of Student Loans Under Canadian […]

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Student Loan: Bankruptcy Questions

Student Loan: Bankruptcy Questions Dear Trustee, I have been researching my options lately because I am considering filing for bankruptcy and have a few questions for you regarding my student loan. I graduated from my undergrad in 2007 and then from my Master’s in October, 2011. I have been applying for the Repayment Assistance Program […]

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