Personal Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy and Debt Exclusion

Bankruptcy and Debt Exclusion What is debt exclusion from bankruptcy? A bankruptcy or proposal will get rid of most of your debts, but not necessary all of them. This is because certain debts are secured to your assets. The most common being a mortgage on your home or a loan on your car. If you […]

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You Need a Good Credit Score

Why do you need a good credit score? You have decided to buy a house (mortgage), buy a car (car loan) or go into business (operating line of credit to finance inventory, accounts receivable, etc.). You go to your bank and they look at your credit score. The credit score is a number (from 300 […]

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Can I buy a car while I am Bankrupt?


Can I Buy a Car While I am Bankrupt? There is nothing that prevents you from buying a car while you are bankrupt. If you are financing the purchase of a car, you must disclose that you are an undischarged bankrupt. This is the period between the date you filed the assignment in bankruptcy and the date […]

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Consumer Proposal

Consumer Proposal – Administrators Report I filed a Consumer Proposal and my trustee tells me that he has to file an Administrator’s Report. I am frightened – what is this? Your trustee is acting in this situation as the Administrator of your proposal. As such, there is a requirement under the legislation that he submits a report […]

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