Dear Mr. Rumanek and colleagues,
With many-many thanks I’ve received gladly my certificate of full performance of my consumer proposal. I appreciate greatly all the efforts you made and tremendous jobs that you did! Simultaneously I received aletter from CRA this time sending me my income tax refund even though I had student loans included in my proposal, just like you said. I intent to visit your office one last time and personally thank you for all your hard work and dedications to my case.
With my kindest regards,
August 2017 – Toronto, Ontario


Dear Mr. Rumanek and staff,
I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to finish successfully of my consumer proposal completion with your company.
Thank you very-very much for your most efficient help during my 5 years term.
With my kindest regard,
July 7, 2017, Toronto, Ontario


Dear Staff of Rumanek & Company:
With much appreciation, I would like to extend a big THANK YOU for your dedication in completing my Bankruptcy File.
I’m very pleased to know that this experience is behind me and I’m now given the privilege to make a fresh start in my financial recovery.
Thanks again with best regards.


Dear Rumanek & Company,
Thank you for the great news about my discharge.
I would also like to thank you for making this a seamless and stress free process.
I am truly happy that I can now move forward and try to get settled in my life and have a family.
This has definitely taken a big burden off my chest and hopefully I can start getting some sleep at night.
I wish everyone at Rumanek & Company and their family all the best.


Good morning Pane Mykula.
Thank you and Mr Rumanek for the great presentation to our residents on Wednesday, July 29th. Please do not be disappointed that there weren’t many questions from the audience – it’s OK considering their age. But I’m sure that the topics that have been presented will help our seniors in the future, especially how to stay financially protected and safe.  Once again, on behalf of Pani Tonkivich and myself, please accept our sincere thank you.
All the best to you. With kind regards,
Kvitka Hrynkiv-Lopushanski
Health Care & Recreational Program Coordinator
Ivan Franko Home


Dear Jordan
I just had a very exciting email from Brian Cotton at your company, congratulating me on my discharge from bankruptcy with an attached certificate!
I really cant believe it! Thank you both for all your help and patience making sure we got all the paperwork submitted before my big hip operation.
I went in for the operation May 5th not worrying about my bankruptcy for once! and I am happy to say the operation seems to be successful, it is already 9 weeks on and i am walking well with one stick and soon should need no sticks at all!  Fingers crossed most of my pain was from the hip and i don’t need the disc surgery as well!
Thank you again for helping me achieve this goal from so far away. Sometimes not being in Canada during this difficult time made me think it would not be possible. But allowing me to have telephone conference calls etc. and guiding me what i needed to send all helped so much.
I only just received this news a minute ago so i am really quite a bit emotional and cant believe it after all i have gone through since having to leave Canada so abruptly! But i am sure it will “sink in” when i get the certificate!
Once again thank you for sticking by me and seeing this through! Thanks you so much again,
Warmest Regards,
– Mr. A

Carl: These last few years of my life have been quite a journey. It’s difficult to find the words to adequately express to you what an impact – in the most positive way – you have had, and how very grateful I am to you for your generousity, kindness and practical help.
Truly, in a nutshell I couldn’t have done it without your help.
Thank you
Wishing you all the best life has to offer always, you deserve it.
– J & A

Jordan: Good afternoon, I have been a client of Rumanek & Company for the past 6 years. I would like to let you know that you have a very compassionate angel type staff who really knows what they are doing to help and assist people with any problem.

I was behind one payment and whenever I called the office I was always guided in the right direction so I don’t miss any payments. This helped with my budgeting as well. Mr. Brian Catton is such a nice and helpful person that I am sure you are happy to have him on your team. I would not have completed my proposal without his moral support. Once again thank you to Mr. Catton and your whole team for helping me out of my problems.
Thank you
– Syed

Dear Jordan: Thank you for the great news on my discharge. I would also like to thank you for making this a seamless and stress free process. I am truly happy that I can now move forward and try to get settled in my life and have a family. This has definitely taken a big burden off my chest and hopefully I can start getting some sleep at night.

I wish you the best and for your family. God-bless.
– Muhammad


Jordan, When I realized I had a debt problem I did some research online and then contacted a couple of licensed insolvency trustee firms in the Toronto area. I decided to go with Rumanek & Company as the website was very informative. When I spoke with you right away I realized that I would be taken care of as you answered all of my questions. At the initial free meeting you provided options of a bankruptcy and proposal and we decided to go with the bankruptcy option.

The thought of filing for bankruptcy is nerve-racking and stressful but Rumanek & Company staff have helped me through a very difficult time and I appreciate the extra effort they all seemed to be willing to make. The bankruptcy lasted only 9 months as initially discussed and I could not believe how easy it was. I wish I did not procrastinate about filing for bankruptcy and done this sooner.

Thank you again for all your time and efforts.
– D.W.


To: Brian Catton
Subject: Re: Your Discharge From Bankruptcy
Thank you Brian.  You and your staff (including Carl) have been most wonderful, respectful and efficient! My future has already turned a corner :) I didn’t think I could ever say that.
– S.B.


Hi Jordan, “A few years ago I received a new position where my income was dramatically increased. With that I unwisely also increased my spending. Focused on my new job I let the personal aspects of my life slide until I began receiving calls from my creditors…mostly credit card companies. I tried to hold on for a while but found that I couldn’t keep up. I finally reached out to a friend of mine with the truth about my situation. Without blinking he referred me to Jordan Rumanek. The title of his firm concerned me since I didn’t want to declare bankruptcy. I wanted to settle with my creditors and get back on track with my life and finances. Jordan Rumanek put me at ease quickly. My problems didn’t faze him. He was gentle, kind and knowledgeable. Putting me at ease he structured a settlement with all of my creditors ($60K) for a monthly payment I could afford and then counseled me to stay on track for a better future. I am indebted to Jordan and consider him a friend. In Yiddish terms there’s a name for people like him…Mensch…a decent human being. I would recommend Jordan to anybody without blinking.”


Hi Guys,
I am very impressed with the way Rumanek & Company deals with its clients, especially the way everything is communicated. I will strongly recommend Rumanek & Company to other people. I appreciate the time you took to explain to me how to deal with the creditors, Canada Revenue Agency, my taxes and especially my credit score. Thank you again for all the individual attention you gave to me and my file.
– P.S.


Dear Jordan, I just want to tank you and your father who has helped me a lot during my worst time of my life.I have received my Discharge and you have no Idea how it has changed my life.I hope I would never ever go through this again.
Best Regards
– B.E.


Hi Everyone, I am a very pleased and satisfied client. The help I received from Rumanek & Company Ltd was very effective and efficient. Your company has been a tremendous help to me. My life now feels new and refreshed.
Thanks Again
– N.H.


Hi, You have been very helpful and instrumental in my consumer proposal. From the very first meeting, everyone has been very welcoming and knowledgeable. The staff have made the process smooth and as a result I have peace of mind and control back of my life. I am glad I started the process with Rumanek & Company Ltd and look forward to the completion of my proposal. I would gladly recommend Rumanek & Company to my friends and family who may find themselves in any financial difficulties.
– C.K.


Hi, I have been doing service with Rumanek & Company for over 5 years. The staff have gone beyond the call of duty.
I appreciate all the staff at Rumanek & Company and the way they treat me. Thank you very much for everything.
– C.D.


Dear Carl,
Last night I have received your very kind and sincerer message,you have no idea how great it feels to see some one like you with lots of responsibility and load of works make a time and give me a call just to say hi. last night my wife and I listened to our messages and that made us believe that still there are some good people like you out there. I never had a chance to thank you in person and that is bad. my wife and I want to say, you are the greatest man that have ever been in our life, I like you and respect you the way I love and respect my father. you have been always there for me and my little family and we never ever forget that. When I was in the court I saw that you have raised a great son like Jordan who is so kind and professional and fair to the people whom goes to him in a very sad moments of their life. during the court I realized that I was wrong about Jordan and he is not the one that I should be angry about, vice versa he is so great and so kind that I couldn’t believe it myself,like father like son. I have to tell you because of my Depression sometimes I have to find some one to blame everything on him/her and that was in my ill mind I was doing that to Jordan at that time, and I hope he forget me for that. Congratulate for being such a good father. and I really have to thank you for everything. my life is getting back again together emotionally and specially after your last night call, it made my wife and I more closer together after a long time,I don’t know how to appreciated and say thanks to you. but please any day in your life if you need a person to get any kind of help from at all please let me know that would be my honour to do some thing for you and your family. ( I didn’t call you, because I know that you are a busy man so I didn’t want to bother you.)
Best Regards
– B.E. Family


Hi Jordan
I just want to thank you for the time you spent getting my discharge. Thank you for anticipating the remarks and for being so prepared. I really believe that if it wasn’t for you, the discharge would not have been granted on that day. Thank you so so much, I so appreciate your efforts.
– Sara


Hi Jordan
I hope you are doing well.
I wanted to send you a quick. Everyone on my team that has dealt with Rumanek & Company and has been really impressed you guys. He is extremely helpful, fast and efficient. We deal with trustees from all over the country and I can tell you that you guysreally shines through. You make the work we do easier and we all really appreciate that.
– Barbara. Siskinds LLP


Hello Everyone
I would like to extend my sincere thanks and gratitude for all the efforts you have made to get my discharge from bankruptcy. I will be glad to hear from you what should I do next.
Best regards to you all,
– S


Hi Guys,
I hope you are doing well. I just returned to Montreal and received my discharge certificate. I am so excited!!! I feel there is a whole new life ahead of me. I don’t know how to put it into words so it doesn’t sound bland, but I do appreciate your help. You have been supportive and helpful during this time.
– N


Hi – I just wanted to write a note of thanks for everyone’s work on this for us. My husband and I have been through a rough year and a half and never expected to find ourselves in this position. We felt like everything was lost – and we felt like failures. But I think we could not have predicted how badly hurt my husband was from his work injury. He is recovering from his first surgery and the most welcome news we had was from Rumanek & Company that our proposal had been accepted! Please know that Mr. Rumanek has made a huge difference in our lives. Even if it had of gone through further to a bankruptcy we felt that someone was helping and looking out for us. The fact that it was accepted will go a long way in our lives – both in my spouces recovery and our future for our family. I can’t express the value of that adequately – but thank you everyone!!!
– Judy

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